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How to make Mochi

Mochi is the name for any type of cake that is made from pounded glutinous rice, and there are hundreds of varieties. It’s quite common to see it being made the traditional way at new year festivals, and you can find videos online of it being made that way. It’s very impressive to watch, as one guy puts his hand under the hammer to turn the dough, while the other one hits it. This is a modern version, easy to make at home, and you can fill them with whatever you want. The texture of mochi can be quite unusual at first to the western palate, as we don’t have many foods that have the same chewy yet melt in the mouth texture. These are often enjoyed with matcha tea, or given as gifts.

Salmon teriyaki, salmon yuanyaki

How to make Mochi

Makes: about 18 pieces

Time to prepare: 35 minutes


100g caster sugar

25g glucose syrup

200g water

100g glutinous rice flour

100g rice flour for dusting