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Kimura's Kitchen assures the authenticity of our course content through the 20+ years experience of our master chef, Joe Kimura, who has continually participated in the top Japanese culinary competitions around the world.


He has worked alongside some of the best Japanese Kaiseki chefs from Kyoto, Gordon Ramsay, Nobu, Zuma, Hakkasan, and Yoshihiro Murata. Joe Kimura is certified by the All Japan Sushi Association, as well as regularly contributing to the diffusion of Japanese Washoku to the world in association with the Japanese Culinary Academy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to promote Japanese cuisine and culture.

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Joe Kimura National chef awards
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Joe Kimura
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Awards and Achievements

Joe Kimura has worked for many top chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Nobu and Yoshiro Murata (of Kikunoi restaurant in Kyoto, 3 Michelin stars) as well as entered in multiple international and national cooking contests.

Kimura's Kitchen is one of the few official Japanese Cooking Schools in the world, and Joe Kimura is certified by the All Japan Sushi Association and Japanese Culinary Academy as an ambassador of Japanese cuisine overseas.


​Main achievements and qualifications

2019 - Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries, and recognition from the Japanese government MAFF, Tokyo

2019 - 3rd place at the Washoku World Challenge qualifier at the Cordon Bleu, Paris

2019 - Published cookbook covering all aspects of Japanese cuisine with recipes and techniques, Kimura's Cookbook, Edinburgh

2017 - Main chef at three events promoting authentic Japanese wagyu beef in Scandinavia, in association with the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Stockholm and Copenhagen

2016 - Nominated in the top 10 non-Japanese chefs worldwide at the final of the Washoku World Challenge in Tokyo

2016 - Certified as a Sushi Advisor by the All Japan Sushi Association, Tokyo

2016 - Competed in the World Sushi Cup and completed the Kurobi Training Course with live eel filleting, Tokyo

2015-Present - Founded Kimura's Kitchen, Copenhagen (now based in France and the USA)

2013 - Winner of the Asian Cuisine Category at the National Chef of the Year, London

2012 - Runner up in the final of National Chef of the Year competition, officially the second best chef in the United Kingdom for that year, London

2011 - Kaiseki training, Nagoya

2011 - Winner of the Asian Cuisine Category at the National Chef of the Year, London

2011 - Authentic ramen certification after stage at Hishio Ramen, Wakayama

2010 - Kaiseki training, Kyoto

2010 - Authentic tempura certification after stage at Den, Osaka

2008-2010 - Head Pastry chef at Gordon Ramsay, London

2006 - Brevet Professionel de Cuisine, Cahors, France

2004 - Best apprentice chef in Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse, France

2002 - Started cooking as an apprentice chef, Figeac, France

The above is not a complete CV, rather the main events of Joe Kimura's 20 year career. As you can see, you are in very capable hands! Book a cooking class with our top chef today and experience the flavors of Japan.

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