Easy. Affordable. LIVE.

Kimura's Kitchen has been pioneering live online cooking classes since 2018.

Forget the days of poor quality video streaming, those years are behind us. In a live online class with me, I will broadcast HD video from my kitchen to your kitchen via a secure private session. You can follow my steps and cook along with me, and I can see what you are doing from your side and help you to get the best results.


Before the class, I send you a list of ingredients to buy, and we agree a time to go live. Simple as that. Classes last 90 minutes.

HOW to take an online class:
1. Choose your class

I teach 7 different cooking classes online. Each lasts 90 minutes. Select your class in the Shop page, and pay per class or for a subscription package.

Classes Available Online:

  • Miso Ramen

  • Shoyu Ramen

  • Udon

  • Okonomiyaki

  • Wagashi

  • Tempura

  • Teriyaki, Rice and Pickles

5 simple steps!

2. request your date and time

Once you have chosen your class on the Shop page, email me with the date and time you would like your class to take place. I will get back to you within 24 hours with my availability. You can be anywhere in the world to take an online class.

Ingredients box - sample.jpg
3. i send you a list of ingredients

Once we have agreed the date and time to go live, I will email you a list of ingredients for the class. You can also order all the Japanese ingredients to be sent out to you here (Europe only).

In general, the ingredients for a class of 4 people will not cost you more than 400kr (55€).

online cooking class, learn to cook onli
4. you download the app

When you have bought (or received) all the ingredients, you can download the video app from the link that you will receive. Easy to install, you can stream the cooking class via mobile phone or tablet (android or ios) or laptop (windows or mac).

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5. we go live on video and cook!

When you are ready, we go live from both kitchens, and cook along over the course of 90 minutes. At the end of the class, we sign off and sit down and enjoy the delicious food!

You can be up to 4 people in the live video, which is great for sharing the food and cost, and they can even be in different locations.



Easy. Affordable. LIVE.

Eat well. Eat Japanese.

Made by you.


An Online Cooking Class costs 499kr (65€), plus ingredients.

You can be up to 4 people in one class, meaning you can share the food and cost. The ingredients should cost you around 100kr (14€) per person, depending of course on the prices in your country.

As an example: a class of 4 people would only cost around 225kr (34€) per person.

Or you can subscribe for 1 year and get 12 classes for only 399kr a month! 




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