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Japan has one of the most unique food cultures in the world, yet despite the increasing popularity of sushi and ramen over the last few years, much of the cuisine remains little discovered. This book features over 150 recipes for traditional and modern Japanese dishes, in a wide variety of cooking styles, as seen in Kimura’s Kitchen, the Japanese cooking school.


Japanese cooking is much simpler than you might imagine, and the ingredients are easier to find than ever before. This book takes a comprehensive approach, with detailed step-by-step guides for each dish, so even if you have never cooked Japanese before, you’ll be able to serve up some amazing food. Understanding a culture’s approach to food is just as important as recipes, so here you’ll find the story behind each dish, showing why particular methods and techniques are used.


In this book you’ll discover everything you need to become an expert in the Japanese kitchen. Start at the very beginning and learn how to cook the perfect bowl of rice, miso soup, and basic pickles, then move on to handmade noodles, tenpura, and sushi. Guiding you along the way with clear, simple instructions and helpful pictures, Joe Kimura will bring you from zero to hero in no time.



Kimura's Kitchen: the complete guide to Japanese cuisine

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  • The only Japanese cookbook you will ever need! Over 600 PAGES of recipes, background culture, dining etiquette, ingredients, how to sharpen a knife, select and prepare fish, and so much more!

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