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Japanese Cooking

Elevate Your Skills & Eat Well!

Ramen Cooking Class

Learn To Cook DELICIOUS Japanese Dishes!

Joe Kimura cooking

Expert Guidance In Your Home Kitchen!

Vegan sushi cooking classes Kimura's Kitchen

Simple, Comfortable, and FUN!



Learn to cook perfect Japanese food with master chef Joe Kimura!

If you want to discover the SECRETS to cooking DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, restaurant quality Japanese dishes, EASILY in your own kitchen, then THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!


Cooking Classes

Private Chef

Personalized Nutrition

Exclusive Event Catering

Team Building

Restaurant Consulting

With over 20 years experience with big names such as Gordon Ramsay, Nobu, and Yoshihiro Murata, Joe Kimura applies and adapts master techniques to your home kitchen so you can experience the best food in the world, made with your own hands! 


There is no other cooking school that will give you the personal and professional experience like we do. Our customers our truly connected to our mission, and we are proud to have one of the highest rates of returning customers in any industry.


Joe Kimura has cooked for Jason Statham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, The Queen of Denmark, and many other celebrities. He will elevate your skills beyond what you thought was possible!


Japanese Cooking Classes

Go to our COOKING CLASSES page to learn how it works and make a booking.

GIFT CARDS are available for all our courses to offer as gift.

You can also book multiple cooking classes in a package with our COOKING PLANS.

All classes are PRIVATE, 1 ON 1, LIVE sessions with our teachers.



David, United Kingdom

"Fantastic class with a very knowledgeable teacher, thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the stories that accompany the dishes."


Louis, France

"Wonderful evening in the online class, we had no idea this would turn out so good! Great way to spend an evening with a masterchef"


Kymberlee, Delaware

"Joe Kimura is the best! The third class we took was the sushi (after the ramen and washoku) and each one was amazing. You will truly surprise yourself with what you can cook!"


Shannon, California

"Best cooking class ever! We loved the food and the stories Joe tells. He is very attentive to your needs and helped us cook along. Will be back! "


John, Texas

"Only one way to say it: we'll be back! Truly awesome food and the recipes are easy to follow along. Joe is a great cooking instructor."


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