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Take an online cooking class with me and learn how to cook delicious Japanese Sweets. Learn how fun and simple it is to make Wagashi in this exclusive cooking class. 


Wagashi are quite unusual to the western palate due to their unique texture. I have a curious passion for them, and own many books in Japanese about them. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one running wagashi cooking classes in Europe. I choose a selection of seasonal sweets for each class, and serve them with matcha tea.


Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets, usually made from rice, adzuki beans and fruit. They evolved as an accompaniment to the tea ceremony, to balance the bitterness of the matcha tea, mainly in areas such as Kyoto and Kanazawa. Japanese sweets are highly seasonal, and beautifully decorated. The oiran culture in the Edo period was known for popularising wagashi sweets to the broader population in Japan. Learn how to make different types of traditional sweets in this class, that make an elegant gift for someone special. I usually include daifuku mochi, yokan, namagashi, and nama chocolates in the classes.


NOTE: Classes can be booked between 1pm and 10pm Central European Time (Paris/Monaco). I do make exceptions if you live in a different time zone, so feel free to ask.


If you would like to book an online class for a company teambuilding session, then you can be up to 40 people. See the team building page for details.


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  • Kimura's Kitchen has been pioneering live online cooking classes since 2015.

    But what is an online cooking class? Simply put, it's the most affordable, most comfortable, and easiest form of cooking class there is. 

    Forget the days of poor quality video streaming, those years are behind us. In a live online class with me, I will broadcast HD video from my kitchen to your kitchen via a secure private session. You can follow my steps and cook along with me, and I can see what you are doing from your side and help you to get the best results.


    Before the class, I send you a list of ingredients to buy, and we agree a time to go live. Simple as that. Classes last 90 minutes.


    5 simple steps:

    1. Choose your class: select your class from the cooking classes page. You can also choose a subscription, where you can take several classes over the course of a year. *Remember to select how many people will be in the class.

    2. Request your time and date: write your preferred date and time in the box when booking (or email me at kimuraskitchen@pm.me) and I will get back to you to confirm the date within 24 hours.

    3. I send you a list of ingredients: a link will be sent to you with the ingredients to buy for the class and list of online shops.

    4. You download the app: I usually use Zoom for my classes.

    5. We go live on video and cook! I stream HD video from my kitchen so you can cook along, and I can see what you are doing from the other side so you get the best result.

  • In order to be eligible to reschedule a cooking class (if you are unable to do the class on that day, or if you are less people than originally booked) you must notify me 3 days before the date of your booking. If you notify me with less than 3 days before your booking, you will not be eligible for an exchange or reschedule. Refunds are not possible at Kimura's Kitchen regardless if this is due to the customer or in the unlikely event that Kimura's kitchen has had to cancel your session. However this item may be rescheduled or exchanged for another product or service instead. We are always happy to help you reschedule or offer an alternative.

    If you have more questions feel free to contact us at kimuraskitchen@pm.me

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