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Take an online cooking class with me and learn how to cook amazing Thai Food. Learn how fun and simple it is to make a delicious Green Curry and Roti in this new cooking class and brief introduction to Thai cuisine.


Green curry is a well known dish, but also one that's often misinterpreted in the west. In this class I will show you the authentic green curry, and it's much easier than you think! Together with this we'll make some tasty Roti bread to go with it. If you love Thai food, this is a great place to get started.


NOTE: Classes can be booked between 1pm and 10pm Central European Time (Paris/Monaco). I do make exceptions if you live in a different time zone, so feel free to ask.


If you would like to book an online class for a company teambuilding session, then you can be up to 40 people. See the team building page for details.