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Take an online cooking class with me and learn how to make the perfect Creme Brulee. Learn how fun and simple it is to make a creme brulee in this delicious cooking class.


With many restaurants closed or restricted just now, don't let that stop you from enjoying a good old creme brulee! Surprisingly easy to make once you know how.


Before I got into Japanese cuisine I began my career in the south of France, and I can tell you I have an awesome recipe to share with you in this class. We'll also make shortbread to serve with it, from my native Scotland. Get ready to indulge. 


NOTE: Classes can be booked between 1pm and 10pm Central European Time (Paris/Monaco). I do make exceptions if you live in a different time zone, so feel free to ask.


If you would like to book an online class for a company teambuilding session, then you can be up to 40 people. See the team building page for details.