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Take an online cooking class with me and learn how to cook delicious Ramen. Learn how fun and simple it is to make ramen at home in my most popular cooking class.


Ramen is a Japanese dish that has rapidly gained popularity all over the world, thanks to it's bold flavours and versatility, as well as being the ultimate heart warming soul food. It's Japan's version of fast food, and it can be found all over the country with many exciting regional versions. And what could be better than a steaming hot bowl of wheat noodles, drenched in an umami rich broth, and topped with delicious marinated meat and vegetables...


See the FAQ page for more details on how online classes work, so you know what to expect.


NOTE: Classes can be booked between 1pm and 10pm Central European Time (Paris/Monaco). I do make exceptions if you live in a different time zone, so feel free to ask.


If you would like to book an online class for a company teambuilding session, then you can be up to 40 people. See the team building page for details.