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Address: Torvet 17, Kalundborg, 4400 Denmark

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Learn how fun and simple it is to make okonomiyaki at home in this street food cooking class.​ I will show you how to make both okonomiyaki and hiroshimayaki from scratch in the class, including making dashi and okonomi sauce, and I'll select seasonal ingredients for you. If you would like a vegetarian version of this class, just mention it when booking.

There are three ways to take a cooking class:

Home Cooking Class - I come out to your home and teach you to cook. All ingredients, drinks and equipment are provided.

Online Cooking Class - You can be anywhere in the world and take a live private session with me and learn to cook in your own kitchen.

Group Cooking Class - You can join a class in Copenhagen alongside other people in my monthly group classes. Dates are on the booking page and Facebook @kimuraskitchen.

Okonomiyaki means 'grilled as you like it' and anyone who has visited Osaka will know what this is all about: a savoury pancake with cabbage and spring onions, topped with bacon, a mouthwatering special sauce, and bonito flakes... There is an eternal battle between Hiroshima and Osaka about who makes the best version, so in this class I will teach you both, and let you decide. It's a really easy and fun dish to cook at home when you are out of ideas, as there are so many variations. I often feature the dish in my pop up events and cooking demos, as I'm a big fan of it.

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