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I started Kimura's Kitchen in 2015, originally under the name Oiran, with the aim of showing home cooks how to make delicious Japanese food with minimum equipment, time, and space. 

The school has evolved over time, from humble beginnings of me taking ingredients and equipment on the back of my bicycle around Copenhagen for home cooking classes, then renting a space for evening classes in the Meat Packing district, to doing events and street food festivals, and now offering live video classes using technology to reach people all over the world. Alongside my ever popular home cooking classes. ​

I enjoy what I do, and sharing delicious Japanese food with as many people as possible is an exciting and inspiring project.


Although I like to keep the business small and exclusive, I'm always open to the idea of reaching more people. I have many ideas (more than I can physically do myself, unless cloning becomes an option!) that could potentially expand the reach of Kimura's Kitchen, and transform it into a bigger brand. As with all good ideas, they need feeding with time and money, hence I am open to talk about investment opportunities. 

Send me a mail at or call me on +45 26 47 17 71 to discuss an investment or collaboration.

Potential Future Projects:


  • TV channel or YouTube channel featuring a complete guide to Japanese cooking, based on my cookbooks.

  • Monthly Magazine featuring seasonal recipes, Japanese restaurant reviews, festivals in Japan, and other guest chefs.

  • Branded Clothing and Cooking Equipment.

  • Launch Seminars and Workshops on specific areas of Japanese cuisine in major cities.

  • Collaborate with Japanese brands to bring more authenticity to Japanese home cooking.

  • Open a more permanent location with cooking classes for larger groups of people.

  • Offer a once a month pop-up restaurant, selecting a particular area of Japanese cuisine to focus on, such as tenpura, kaiseki, and serving matching sake and drinks. Marketed as an exclusive dining event, with products straight from Japan.

These are just some of the many projects I have in mind that could become a reality with the help of your investment.

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