How does it work? and Which class should i take?

I offer six different cooking classes based on traditional Japanese cuisine, and two different ways to take a class. Read more about them here, so you can find what suits you best and know what to expect.


1.499kr per person (all inclusive) 

4 hours  /  minimum 2 people

(discounts available for over 4 people)

The private option - complete comfort


My home cooking classes are what I started with back in 2015, and remain my most popular concept. I come to your home and teach you to cook in your own kitchen. You have nothing to prepare, I bring all ingredients and equipment out to you. You simply need a little space in your fridge and some wine glasses. Everything else I take care of, and will transform your kitchen into a taste of Japan for a day. I believe people learn best when relaxed and enjoying themselves, and that's why these classes create a better atmosphere than any other style of cooking class. In your own space it's easier to see how you can make the food again by yourself, and I will give you lots of stories and cultural background to the food, and guide you through everything made from scratch. All classes include Japanese beers and a sake tasting.

These classes are available anywhere in Copenhagen and Zealand region, Denmark.


499kr (65€) per class  

90 minutes  /  up to 4 people 

(available worldwide)

The modern option - easy and afordable


An entirely new concept, my live video classes were created as a way to reach people all over the world, and to make cooking classes more affordable. I send you a list of ingredients to buy, and then at the time of your booking we go live via skype and I will guide you through making the dishes in your own kitchen. You can ask questions along the way, and it remains a very personalised experience. You simply need a good internet connection and a laptop or tablet. To make it even easier, you can even order an ingredients basket for the class directly from me, so you have nothing to prepare yourself. The equipment used in Japanese cooking is very minimal, and usually consists of a knife, a few pots and pans, bowls and a whisk. Most likely you will already have them in your kitchen.

These classes are available anywhere in the world.



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