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Get yourself a copy of my Japanese cookbooks here, or offer a cooking class as a gift with my gift cards

Kimura's Cookbook is a simple yet comprehensive guide to Japanese cooking, that shows you how to make beautiful and delicious Japanese dishes at home. Available in English or Danish (French coming in 2021).

I have written two full cookbooks, and am also working on releasing a series of eBooks that will come out very soon for download here. All my books are very informative, and every recipe has step-by-step pictures so they are easy to follow. I even include info on allergies, seasons, substitutes and much more.

"Japanese food is more popular than ever, and although sushi and ramen might be the most famous, there is so much more to discover about this wonderful cuisine. My cookbooks have all you need to know to get started, right from the very basics, as featured in my cooking classes at Kimura's Kitchen. With stunning photographic steps and a fun but precise approach, my mission is to bring authentic Japanese cuisine to home cooks worldwide."

But don't just take my word for it, have a look through the pages here!

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